Thursday, September 25, 2008

Herbal Body Creams

Soothing Herbals exquisite body products contain only fresh, organic herbs grown in their own gardens, quality oils, soothing & nourishing (some exotic) butters & waxes as well as pure essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

Luscious herbal lotion infused with organic lavender & calendula flowers & an exotic blend of wax, butters & essential oils. Exotic lavender lotion is perfect for face, hands & body.

Herbal Skincareorganix products

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pascalite Clay Masks

Skincare Organix presents Taylor Made Aromatherapy's pascalite clay is a special clay from the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. This is a bentonite clay that is unlike any other. Blends well with liquids to make a smooth paste that feels like silk. Is slow to dry out & doesn't adhere to skin .
Price: $10.00

Friday, August 8, 2008

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Skincare Organix offers products filled with herbal ingredients. Also launched Pomegranate Exfoliating Facial Scrub and Meyer Lemon Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

4 oz cobalt blue jar
Price: $28.00

Aromatherapy Spritzers

Energize ~ rosemary, geranium, grapefruit & lavender. Citrus Blossom ~ tangerine, sweet orange, lemon & grapefruit.Lavender ~ lavenderINGREDIENTS: Distilled water, essential oils, grain alcohol.

4oz Cobalt blue mist bottle
Price: $8.50

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Organic Skin Care

A natural botanical, organic plants extracts and essential minerals promote cell regeneration and provides anti oxidant calls organic skin care. There a huge progress has been notified in organic skin care treatment in recent times. A very first thing comes up in a mind, how to make your skin healthier and younger? A healthy skin is an important for looking younger and beautiful. Organic skin care is using natural materials instead of using products contains chemical or harmful ingredients material. Now you may be thinking over that, what are the natural skin care products? These products can be easily found near you anytime; yes fruits and vegetables are the best natural organic products.
It is everyone's belief that products made by natural products like cucumber, Apple, papaya, ginger are the best for use because they didn't carry any chemical ingredients with them. Ordinary skin care products contain chemical ingredients and we apply those products on our skin daily, which kills our skin cell and gives our skin a deadly look. On the other hand organic products are made from natural ingredients using fresh fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Organic products
No Side effects - With the using of natural organic skin care products is purely natural and it didn't cause any side effect on your skin.
All Natural - These organic products contains fruits and fresh vegetables ingredient. This contains no harmful or chemical ingredients.
Environment Friendly - These natural organic skin care products exist into environment naturally, where chemicals products are unable to exist into nature's way.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Have you been searching for GOOD skin care products?

If you’re like me, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money searching for skin care products that don’t sting your skin and eyes or taste and smell like a chemical factory. Maybe it’s because many supposedly organic skin care products are manufactured in large factory settings using synthetic additives that are not the natural ingredients that I’m looking for in my skin care products. I want quality products that do more for my skin than just feel greasy.

Are all products claiming to be “natural” or “organic” truly natural and organic?

Have you read the ingredient labels on your skin care products? You may need an ingredient dictionary to understand them. Many products claiming to be natural or organic may contain some such ingredients along with others that are not. Some companies tout their products as natural or organic when they only contain some natural or organic products. I don’t know about you, but I want my skin care products to contain only all natural and organic ingredients.

Up close and personal…

I was not blessed with good skin. My adolescence was scarred by mild acne on a hormonal roller coaster ride that would last half a lifetime. Traditional acne products I tried seemed to destroy the epidermis rather than heal it. They smelled and tasted terrible, stung my skin and eyes, and left my skin continually peeling and feeling uncomfortably dry and tight. My adult years showed little change in my skin problems. I had accepted it as a fact of life, but longed for quality skin products that would help my skin heal.

I began looking for pure and natural skin care products.

It all began when I decided to research natural skin care products on the internet for personal use. I wanted products that were produced by independent manufacturers in small environments using only the purest and most natural organic herbal and botanical ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to find some manufacturers right here in the United States who do just that! Some right on their own properties with natural ingredients grown on their own grounds! They are produced in small batches, often times hand made to insure freshness.

What do you call natural?

Some of the products I found smell like a fragrant walk in the forest! They don’t taste bad when you put them on your lips. If you get them in your eyes accidentally, they don’t sting and make your eyes water like some products I’ve used. They actually help the skin heal rather than removing layer after layer of it. Now that’s what I call natural.

It’s about the whole picture.

Caring about ourselves as well as our planet isn’t just a once in awhile thing. It’s about the whole picture including the results of our actions. Some manufacturing processes today produce natural products, but in a ways that harm the environment. This concerns me as much as what is in the products being produced. Small manufacturers of organic skin care products are usually very green-minded individuals. They do not use processing methods that adversely effect the environment. They use recycled and eco-friendly packaging and materials whenever possible. They care about other things than just making money!

Would you like to use skin care products that are truly natural and organic?

You can check out the very best products I’ve discovered at Your skin will thank you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss became most common issues for women. Use of natural herbs for your hair loss is a natural way treatment for women. There are many types of conventional hair loss treatment plans that you can get on and use them for the hair loss. Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. The oil from the herbs contained, Olive oil extracts of Lavender, Rosemary & Eucalyptus leaves, Pine Tar, Essential Oils of Neem, Lavender, Lemon, which you can massage into your scalp.

There are few reasons behind the women hair loss.
Bad Nutrition
The menopause
Delay in having a child

Hair Loss Herbs Works By:

When the DTH levels in the hair scalp are lessened, the cycle of hair loss and baldness get fixed. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is treated by herbs to blocking the Conversion of Testosterone.

Natural herbs help to increasing the flow of blood into hair scalp and its roots.

Herbal products saturate the hair follicles with enough nutrition necessary for the promotion of hair growth. Even there is no side effect on your hair, while using natural herb products.

Skin Pigmentation Problems & Causes of Pigmentation Disorders ~ Skin Pigmentation - is a skin complexion disorder. Learn causes of pigmentation problems and pigmentation disorders

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Skin Care Remedies

Most of the women focus too much on skin care products to apply to the skin. While using skin care products for your skin, it’s important not to forget that natural remedies work from the inside to out. Moisturizing and cleansing regularly to your skin, gives you a healthy skin. There are many products available in the market now a day, but it’s pretty difficult to choose a perfect skin care solutions for women specially.

Using of skin care products depends on the type of skin you have. Some have oily skin and some have dry skin. In that case, it becomes more critical to choose the skin care remedies that suits to your skin. Due to the large number of skincare products, it might not be easy to decide on them just by branding the names or skin care reviews.

Before using a skin care products, which contains chemical ingredients, one should concern with the medical expert. Using of natural organic skin care products didn’t give you any side effect on your skin. There are many online stores available for skin care products. An organic skincare product contains herbal remedies, ayurvedic face oil, toner and moisturizer. Choosing the right products for skin, one should keep in mind that how often the product can be used. Your face skin needs a different cream to cure well, while your legs and other parts of body required different kind of creams to apply on those particular areas. Natural organic skin care products give you a beautiful look to your skin and make your feel young with the anti aging creams available stores online only.